The New World of Marketing For Plumbers

It wasn’t too long ago when a plumber could focus on plumbing and just put his business in the yellow pages, and he would steadily get calls. Those days are long gone and I can’t even remember the last time an actual phone book got dropped on my door step. My how the times have changed!

What A Plumber Needs To Know Now

These days a plumber has to be concerned about more than just fixing leaky pipes and clogged toilets. There’s social media to post to, ads to run on Google & Bing, worrying about their listings in online maps and directories, making sure their website is up and running, and trying to gain traction in Google. That’s a heavy plate for a plumber to stomach by themselves. Some bigger plumbing companies will eventually hire one or more people in house to handle those tasks on a daily basis. ┬áBut if your a small plumbing company, it’s a lot to handle.

Plumbing Digital Marketing Companies to The Rescue

If you can’t hire people to work for your company full time, or even if you can, the your best bet is going to be to hire an individual or company that specializes in digital marketing for plumbers. Sure you can hire the local kid, and I’m sure he’s capable, but you really want someone that understands the industry, and has experience with other plumbing companies in the event a problem arises they should know how to solve it. One of the best companies around to help you out is My Plumber Pro Marketing. They have been specializing in plumber SEO, social media marketing , and maps ranking for years, cutting their teeth in the Houston market. So you know they know the business!

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