What Does Your SEO Pro Do For You?

In this day and age, almost every business has gotten at least a dozen phone calls just this month talking up the wonder of SEO, and what it can do for your business.  SEO is a wonderful things if your ranking on top and generating leads, but  what are these so called “Pros” really selling you?

The Fallacy of SEO

Many of the so called Pros that are calling everyday aren’t really pros and hardly know much about SEO to begin with, they are just sales reps for newspapers and magazines that are trying to transition out of print media. Now that is a dying game right there. Most agencies that I have delt with, either by working for them on the fulfillment side or by  talking to them with a current client, are only selling very basic campaigns. What this means for you is that the highest campaign they are selling as truly white hat ranking is going to get you no where. Pretty soon you’ll cancel your contract and give up on SEO saying it’s a fools errand, and never trying it again. Those same agencies know this and will just replace you with 2 more businesses, there game is high volume not quality.

What You Should Be Looking For

One of the first things you really want to see is a proven track records of results.  If they give you an answer that that information is no disclosure or something equally vague, then you might want to hang up. Any reputable SEO specialist will have at least a few sites that they feel comfortable enough to let you check out, either long term clients or test sites that they routinely try new strategies out on.

Also if they tell you that they are strictly white hat, you can expect for it to take a long time to rank if at all. I’m not saying to go find a SEO specialist that will  get your site penalized and deindexed but Google makes money by making ranking organically frustrating so that eventually you’ll just say the hell with it and go to adwords where you really pay to play. There are other what we call grey hat tactics that work very well and can really help you see the results you need for your business. in reality it will still take several months to get on page one and then several more to get those top spots, but at least you’ll know your gona get there!

make sure that the company your talking to does more than just build links, optimize your website, or continually build new pages every month. Those things are good when they are combined into an all in one package that includes, social signals, on page optimization, fresh content, off page link building, maps ranking, and more every month. We won’t take on a client anymore unless they are truley ready to go all in, because to sell a company anything less would just be taking their money every month.

Who To Turn To

If you haven’t found that right company yet, Uprising SEO can help you out. Whether your in up state New York or along the west coast, the great thing about the digital age is that we can still communicate face to face through video chat, and still create a great marketing campaign for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and get the best Katy SEO company around!

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